Katoomba Massage

The best Katoomba massage can be found at The Blue Mountains Massage Co.

Providing massage in Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath is Andrew Berry, Massage Therapist of 15 years.

Remedial massage, Pregnancy massage and relaxation massage are just some of the treatments avaialable.  Visit the services page for more info….




Massage in Blackheath

For Massage in Blackheath, the Blue Mountains Massage Co. will exceed your expectations.

Andrew Berry is a well known local massage therapist who has been helping to relax visitors on their weekender break for some time now.  As you can see from the testimonial page, Andrew’s massage is always a highlight of people’s holiday in Blackheath or one of the other local towns, Katoomba, Leura, Wentworth Falls.

Book early as he’s extremely popular!



More benefits of remedial massage

It’s time to brush aside any thoughts that massage is a luxury spend that only a bit of pampering. On the contrary, a remedial massage helps you unwind, lowers blood pressure, promotes muscle repair and boosts your immune system. During a massage session, a massage therapist uses their hands and fingers to press and manipulate your skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The strokes gently move your blood, oxygen and lymph to various tissues and organs in a way that normally doesn’t happen in your body. As a result, you experience a level of physical and mental renewal that is hard to surpass.

But there’s more – a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that individuals who undergo massage therapy experience measurable improvements in their immune response.

Mark  Rapaport, M.D. from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center followed 53 healthy adults who were divided into two groups: The participants received either 60 minutes of Remedial massage or the same amount of time having a light touch spa massage.  After examining their blood  samples, the scientists found that people in the remedial massage group experienced a decrease in cortisol and a significant increase in lymphocytes, cells that keep our immune system strong.

More research is ahead of us but it appears that a single remedial massage may deliver a measurable benefit,”  Rapaport said in a news release.

Benefits of Massage at The Blue Mountains Massage Co.

Massage Therapy is the mobilisation of soft tissue (muscle and fascia) through a variety of techniques to relieve pain and tension and restore balance in the body.

Massage is used to treat most musculo-skeletal and associated problems. This includes everything from aches and pains to cramps and stiffness, to injuries.

Massage contributes towards improved circulatory, lymphatic and neurological functioning and aids body repair through the improved flow of nourished blood.

Massage can be stimulating or soothing depending on the technique, depth and speed used and is both safe and effective when carried out by The Blue Mountains Massage Co with our qualified and experienced therapists.  With the co-operation of the patient, we can help to create balance and harmony from within.

Massage is used for:

  • Health maintenance and health promotion – Massage promotes general tissue health and encourages lifestyle and general health awareness.
  • Stress management – Massage helps to relieve muscular tension and encourages general relaxation.
  • Post-operative care – Massage helps the recovery period and speeds up the elimination of anaesthetic, as well as reducing pain and stiffness associated with bed-rest.
  • Emotional and/or psychological disorders – A good massage releases endorphins that help to uplift and reduce depression.
  • Terminal illness – Massage helps reduce the pain and discomfort associated with long term bed-rest as well as providing support and reducing the effects of emotional stress for the patient as well as the family.
  • Chronic pain – Massage helps break the “pain – spasm” cycle whilst reducing associated muscle tightness.
  • Care of the disabled – Massage provides emotional support as well as assisting in the maintenance of general tissue health.
  • Sports’ participation – Improves performance and recovery and reduces the likelihood of serious injury.

We welcome you to experience the benefits of massage therapy at The Blue Mountains Massage Co.  We know you’ll feel great afterwards!

Massage in the Blue Mountains

You’d like a massage in the Blue Mountains?

Well look no further than the Blue Mountains Massage Co.

We serve the upper to mid-mountains region: Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura, Lithgow, Wentworth Falls, Springwood and all locales in between.

Whether you’re looking to de-stress with a relaxation massage or heal aches and pains with remedial massage we can help at our Blackheath address or at your home or accommodation through mobile massage.

Please see our testimonials page to know you’re in safe hands

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Massage in Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath

The Blue Mountains Massage Co primarily serve the towns of Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath.

We also provide Mobile Massage to Lithgow, Mt Victoria, Medlow Bath, Wentworth Falls, Bullaburra, Lawson, Hazelbrook, Woodford, Linden, Faulconbridge Springwood and Blaxland.

Massage services include:

Remedial massage, Swedish massage, Relaxation massage,  Sports massage, Reflexology and Lymphatic drainage massage.

For bookings, you can use the form on the contact page, or you can call the numbers listed.

We look forward to providing you with the best massage in the Blue Mountains!

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massage of the lower backFinding the right massage therapist isn’t easy so we’ve created our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you don’t have an amazing treatment, you don’t pay.  That’s how confident we are that we’ll deliver the best for you, whatever your needs are.  You can see what our clients are saying on the testimonials page. 

For your first visit we’ll add on a consultation and look closely at the factors creating pain in your body. We’ll assess both your posture and the health of your muscles to make it a comprehensive treatment giving you great value for money.

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